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With our activity began in 1987, the aim of Recoll is to produce the best adhesives and paints mainly used for wood floorings with advanced technologies. Over the last ten years our company has quickly turned into one of the leading companies for this activity field, consistently increasing the production volumes and its commercial presence nationally and internationally with new products and new application areas. Recoll International can be considered today a prominence company for adhesives and paints with international operational activities. Our success it has been achieved thanks to the trust that our customers have agreed to us and the quality of products and services we are always able to provide and constantly to improve.

Environmentally friendly

At Recoll, we care about the environment. This has led us to focus our innovation on increasingly environmentally friendly products and to equip our company with a photovoltaic system.

Clean energy

Our photovoltaic plant produces 82 kW/hour, producing clean energy and granting us complete energy self-sufficiency.

Ecological products

In addition to having a low environmental impact, our water-based products are odourless, non-flammable and have a very low toxicity level.

Green innovation

We work with sector professionals every day to produce and offer the best solutions in terms of quality and the environment.

Find out how our solutions can improve your work

Find out how our solutions can improve your work